Working men's clubs are a type of private social club founded in the 19th century in industrial areas of Great Britain, particularly the North of England, to provide recreation and education for working class men and their families. There are 3,000 working men's clubs in the UK. Read More

The Sale Excelsior Working Mens Club was founded in 1878 and like many clubs throughout the country this club is affiliated to the Club and Institute Union (CIU). To find out more about the history and organisation of the CIU, or to find a list of affiliated clubs in a particular area, click on the following link. Read More



Committee Members
Brian Tait
Vice President
Alan Hollingworth
Graham Liddle
Chris Ptaszynski
Mike Walker
Tommy Allison
Martin Nugent
K. Percival
D. Raftery
A. Spencer
C. Pearson
J. Wilson
Club Steward
Wayne Wilson
Assistant Club Steward
Lynn Mein


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